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World Digestive Health Day 2018

World Digestive Health Day 2018

World Digestive Health Day 2018 Due to the wonderful initiative of the WGO Secretary General, Professor Henry Cohen, we are commemorating the 45th Anniversary of the creation of the World Gastroenterology Organisation (WGO) on May 29th, 1958. From now on, the date of May 29th will be known as the “World Digestive Health Day .”

Judging from the fact that each issue of “World Gastroenterology News” consists of almost 50,000 copies, we can surmise that there are today at least as many gastroenterologists around the world who will celebrate with us the World Digestive Health Day!

On the 29th of May 1958, the last day of the First World Congress of Gastroenterology which took place in Washington, an assembly of distinguished gastroenterologists announced the foundation of the WGO was born!

World Digestive Health Day 2018

World Digestive Health Day 2018

The group included, among others, Henry L. Bockus, President of the Congress, Albert Froehlich, Secretary of S.I.G.E., Thomas Hunt, President of the 1956 London International Congress, Francisco Gallart Monés, the last President of S.I.G.E. and René A. Gutmann, then President of A.S.N.E.M.G.E. Between May 25 and 29, 1958, they met daily to discuss the creation of a World Society of Gastroenterology. The participants unanimously agreed to appoint a provisional Governing Council of the Society which would convene further Congresses, organize activities compatible with the aims of a World Organisation and draft appropriate Statutes which would be submitted to a General Assembly of the existing National Societies. This epoch-making event was the end result of a series of conferences and discussions among the leaders of medical and surgical gastroenterology which had been going on for many years for the purpose of creating a truly international forum for gastroenterologists.

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World Digestive Health Day 2018

Join WGO to Help Lift the Global Burden of
Viral Hepatitis, B and C

Since 2005, the World Gastroenterology Organisation (WGO) and the WGO Foundation (WGOF) have convened World Digestive Health Day (WDHD), a public health, advocacy and awareness campaign. WDHD, celebrated annually on 29th May and perpetuated throughout the year, focuses on a particular digestive or liver disorder and aims to put into perspective several aspects related to the focus including prevention, prevalence, diagnosis, management and treatment. The success of WDHD derives from the global participation of WGO Member Societies, WGO Training Centers, WGO Regional Affiliate Associations, and other WGO partners worldwide.


World Digestive Health Day is celebrated every year on 29th May. Each year World Digestive Health Day 2018 marks the start of a twelve-month long campaign focusing on raising public and professional awareness of a particular digestive disease or disorder, the campaign for 2018 is entitled “Viral Hepatitis B & C: Lift the Global Burden”

World Digestive Health Day was launched in 2004 to mark the 45th anniversary of the creation of the World Gastroenterology Organisation. The organisation has over 100 member societies and 50,000 individual members all over the world.

The World Health Organisation has estimated that there are 325 million people across the world who are living with Hepatitis B and C. These conditions can lead to chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. During World Digestive Health Day and the year that follows, the aim of the World Gastroenterology Organisation is to provide both medical professionals and the lay public, with an understanding of the latest research into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Hepatitis B and C.

For more information on World Digestive Health Day including information about upcoming events and more information about Viral Hepatitis B and C, those interested can visit the World Gastroenterology Organisation Website

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